Bugsy Malone – Down & Out (Children’s Musical)

Here’s another hit from the successful and ever-popular children’s musical, Bugsy Malone. This has to be one of the most under-rated musicals in history. The soundtrack is a knock-out and manages to incorporate adult themes into a movie featuring only child actors. In this song and scene, we are reminded that tomorrow’s another day. We […]

Revolution – Fiach Moriarty (Irish Folk)

Here’s a timely ballad from a relative unknown, and up and coming star, of the Irish folk scene. If you like this, you can say that you heard this fine performer here first. If you don’t like it, then tell others that you heard it on the BBC… (ya gotta like his name if nothing […]

Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

This iconic song should be played regularly in our fractured world. Yet it can be heard only sporadically. Is that because the capitalist-owned radio stations don’t enjoy hearing a death-knell sounded for their corporate, blood-soaked culture? Just a thought, and one of many that Rebel Voice tends to suffer from. If you enjoyed this, please […]

John Denver – Moreton Bay (Folk)

This is a lesser known song of the brutalities meted out to the Irish who found themselves transported to the penal colonies in Australia. Many of the airs used in these laments are used time and again, although the fine lyrics negate any boredom with the melody. Here, John Denver tackles the song during a […]

Luke Kelly – Kelly the Boy from Killane

John Kelly (Kelly of Killanne) (died c. 25 June 1798) lived in the town of Killane in the parish of Rathnure and was a United Irishman¬†leader who fought in the Rising of 1798. While Kelly was obviously well known to rebel and loyalist alike during the short duration of the Wexford rebellion, almost nothing is […]