Palestinian Song Of Resistance

This is a song of resistance for Palestine. Conflict and oppression breeds revolutionaries and nowhere are there more per head of population than Palestine. So long as the music continues, so long as the voices ring out in defiance, then the fight for justice and freedom will continue in the land of Palestine. The following […]

John Lennon And Yoko Ono – The Luck Of The Irish

This is a bit twee but Lennon’s heart is in the right place. Sadly, the same could be said for his unfortunate decision to let Yoko sing on this. Jaysus, but she’s brutal. She sounds like a badly injured crow trying to imitate Janice Street Porter.

Tracy Chapman – Talkin’ Bout A Revolution

Tracy Chapman was a huge talent, but has sadly disappeared from public of late. Rebel Voice wonders where she has gone to. This song is every bit as relevant today in Ireland, Scotland, England and the US as it was when first released. So what has changed in our societies? Enjoyed this? why not share?

Dana Lyons – Cows With Guns [Pop Satire]

Rebel Voice has great respect for rebel music, and has a section dedicated especially to such revolutionary songs of protest. This offering, Cows with Guns, must be regarded as one of the most unusual songs ever to have emerged from the pantheon of seditious melody (tongue firmly in cheek). The Chickens in Choppers is worth […]

Bobby Sands – Back Home In Derry

This beautiful song was written by the Irish revolutionary and martyr, Bobby Sands. The lyrics are among the best to be found in any Rebel Song. Rebel Voice highly recommends this song.