Flotilla 2018 Set For Gaza

It’s heartening to see humanitarian activists desperately trying to break the siege of Gaza and highlight the continuing injustices being meted out to the people there. It goes without saying that the Israeli regime will prevent a successful conclusion. However, any publicity emanating from the attempt to breach the rogue state’s oppressive encirclement of Gaza, […]

Israel Declares War On Children Of Palestine

The various human rights abuses by Israel in Palestine are well documented at this stage. Nowhere has suffered more than Gaza, a giant prison camp under Zionist siege. No group have suffered more than the children of Gaza. The rogue state of Israel has declared de facto war upon the young of that tortured place. […]

Gaza Life And Suffering Exposed

This short video about Gaza imparts a remarkable amount of information across a very small space of time. Please share widely so that everyone can know what the rogue state of Israel is doing to the tortured people in the largest concentration camp on the planet, also known as Gaza.