Ashley Bell – Novel By Dean Koontz

Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz Bibi Blair had it all going for her, a solid job as an up-and-coming novelist, two loving and supportive parents and a fiance who is a serving Navy Seal. Unfortunately, it all came crashing down when she was diagnosed with a rare and fatal form of brain cancer. Bibi falls […]

The Dead Zone – Stephen King Novel

The Dead Zone  by Stephen King This classic, by the master horror writer, was first published in 1977 but has aged remarkably well. It’s strange to think that some readers of such fiction today were not even a glint in their sexed-up father’s eye when King penned The Dead Zone. In fact, there may be […]

True Blood Intro Song

This song is taken from the intro to that king of vampire and supernatural shows, True Blood, which showed us an entirely new side, and back and front, to Anna Paquin. The soundtrack is cracking hot and sets the scene for a very sultry and entertaining series which comes highly recommended by Rebel Voice. – […]

Strange Weather – Joe Hill novel

Strange Weather  by Joe Hill This is a collection of four short novels by King the Younger, one of two male novelists sired by that master of horror writing, Stephen King. Joe Hill does have some of his auwl fella’s physical characteristics, but it’s his writing and the high standard therein that most readily marks […]

Red Moon

Red Moon   by Benjamin Percy Patrick Gamble is a fairly regular young man in a world where the lycan problem is growing. The werewolves are unhappy about the continual erosion of their civil rights, and Patrick finds himself swept up in an epic tale of terror, heroism, loss and hope. Of course it doesn’t help […]