Blackbeard The Pirate – A Legend Of The High Seas

Blackbeard was an awful bollox. He made a right nuisance of himself as he roamed the high seas robbing and killing and belching and farting. His real name was allegedly Edward Thatch (or Teach), but that is not conclusive. Very little is known about his early life, or indeed his real family name. Reputedly a […]

Djibouti – Novel By Elmore Leonard

Djibouti¬† by Elmore Leonard Djibouti is both a nation and capital city on the Horn of Africa. It borders Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia and is a fine setting for this thriller from the well-regarded Elmore Leonard. Dara Barr is an Oscar-winning US documentary maker seeking the next big story. She decides that Somali pirates are […]