Quantum Physics For 7-Year-olds

If you’ve ever heard about Quantum Physics, but wondered what the hell it is, then wonder no more. In the following clip, we get a basic explanation of this high falutin’ concept that you can use to astound those snobby assholes at the next wedding you go to. When they start with their usual highbrow […]

The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Cooper’s Best Bits

Is Sheldon Cooper a hero or an anti-hero? Whichever he is, he provides entertainment for millions of nerds and non-nerds alike. He has also managed to highlight the condition of autism upon which spectrum he features. What follows is a compilation of just how wacky Sheldon can be. – If you enjoyed this, please share […]

Hawking Speaks On The Danger Humanity Faces

As the world laments the passing of the eminent physicist, Stephen Hawking, we can remind ourselves of how he viewed the world and the immediate dangers faced by our species. Hawking was a man of great intelligence and compassion. His words should carry weight. Sadly, those who control our planet are those who are deaf […]