GoPro Best Of 2018 – Action Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

The advent of the GoPro cameras has opened up an entirely new world to us all. Before this technology came along, we could only stand and gaze in awe at those who engaged in extreme sports. Today, we can join them as they throw themselves around and thumb their noses at death. Whether it’s skydiving, […]

Medellín, Colombia, Mountain Bike Challenge – Crazy Footage

Mountain biking is an extreme sport. It’s not quite up there with wingsuits or surfing, but it is up there. The degree of danger is dependent upon the course taken. Some are relatively OK whilst others are only for the very experienced who crave danger and adrenaline. Anyone who has ever watched mountain bikers at […]

Rough Country

Rough Country   by John Sandford The tagline for this novel is A land without law. A Killer without mercy. It all sounds very severe. But then again, this is a Virgil Flowers story, so really, how harsh can it be? Virgil Flowers must be one of the most likeable characters in modern fiction. He is […]