Heartwood – Billy Bob Holland Novel By James Lee Burke

Heartwood by James Lee Burke Billy Bob Holland is a former Texas Ranger turned lawyer. During his gun-slinging days on the border, he killed many men, most of them Mexican drug mules transporting narcotics into Texas. It was on one of those raids that he accidentally shot and killed his partner and best friend, LQ […]

Stephen King Opens Up And Pours Out

This is a relatively short compilation of clips in which King speaks frankly about his life and the processes he employs for writing. There are some great and revealing insights into his career. The author displays a great sense of timing as he recounts incidents, such as his visit to watch the movie adaptation of […]

Stephen King Top 20 Quotes

This is a brief list of quotes from possibly the greatest author ever to have lived. He is a person who makes you think. That would be a great epitaph to have. – If you care, give it a share –