Pretty Reckless – Make Me Wanna Die

Pretty Reckless are from New York, New York, so good they named it twice. They formed in 2009. The strong vocals you hear are Taylor Momsen, a voice with attitude. This song featured at the end credits for the bodacious movie, Kick Ass, probably the greatest superhero movie ever made. It’s about as solid a […]

Bugsy Malone – Down & Out (Children’s Musical)

Here’s another hit from the successful and ever-popular children’s musical, Bugsy Malone. This has to be one of the most under-rated musicals in history. The soundtrack is a knock-out and manages to incorporate adult themes into a movie featuring only child actors. In this song and scene, we are reminded that tomorrow’s another day. We […]

Chris Cornell – You Know My Name

This classic from the sadly deceased Chris Cornell will be recognized as the theme from the Bond movie, Casino Royale. Turn it up and scare the shit out of the neighbour’s dog. – If you enjoyed this, please share it –

Mustang Sally – The Commitments

This audio is from one of the best Irish films of them all, the eponymous, The Commitments. The soundtrack is well worth getting hold of, and remember it’s Riding, not Roiding. – Be generous, give it a share –