Migrant Children At Risk – New Study Shows Shocking Statistics

Rebel Voice has repeatedly broached the subject of child abuse across the planet. It is our position on this site that there is nothing more abhorrent than the deliberate harming of a child, whether such abuse is physical, emotional, psychological or sexual. The newspapers and TV screens are filled with horrific stories of how the […]

The Celts – BBC Series – Episode 1

This is the first in a six part series exploring the ancient Celts of Europe. Although the story of the Celts is still being written, the information discovered so far is of great interest, especially to those of us who are said to be from traditionally Celtic regions. This series was produced by the BBC […]

America City – Novel By Chris Beckett

America City   by Chris Beckett This novel was published in 2017 and, given the contents, Rebel Voice is curious as to whether or not Trump’s election campaign played a part in its construct. Set one hundred years in the future, global warming has caused major upheaval across the planet. In the US, severe drought in […]