The Hangman’s Sonnet – Jesse Stone Thriller

The Hangman’s Sonnet by Reed Farrel Coleman (Robert B Parker series) Jesse Stone is Chief of police in the Massachusetts coastal town of Paradise. It should be a relatively simple job but isn’t. Paradise lies close to Boston where crime is a way of life for too many. But in addition to imported troubles, Paradise […]

Fool Me Twice – Robert B. Parker Thriller

Fool Me Twice by Robert B. Parker (Michael Brandman) Robert B. Parker died in 2010. This novel was released in 2013. It is not Parker’s own work, of course (unless a seance was employed), but that of Michael Brandman, approved by the Parker estate. It’s understandable why Brandman has been chosen. He writes like Parker […]

Colorblind – Robert B Parker Novel Written By Reed Farrel Coleman

Colorblind by Robert B Parker and Reed Farrel Coleman This is one more in the highly popular Jesse Stone series which follows the Massachusetts police chief as he struggles with alcoholism and a spate of racially motivate attacks. Stone has returned to Paradise after a stint in rehab. This time he’s serious about giving up […]