Palestinian Warrioress Destroys Israeli Commandos – Satire

Here is a piece of pro-Palestinian video that shows a female Palestinian resistance fighter kicking some serious Israeli ass. What Rebel Voice likes about this sequence, apart from the obvious Palestinian victory, is the similarity to Chinese martial arts movies of the seventies and, latterly, nineties. As to the outcome? Here’s hoping. If you enjoyed […]

Extreme Sports – Selection Of 2017

For all you fans of the extreme, here’s a selection of some of the most exhilarating sporting events to have taken place in 2017. Hopefully your dinner will stay down during this. Ain’t life grand and ain’t people wild? Enjoyed this? Why not share it?

Top 20 UFC Knockouts

It’s a brutal sport, but it reflects the inherent tendencies of many within the male of our species. Better that the inevitable violence is contained to a boxing ring, or a MMA octagon, rather than a pub or street where there are hard surfaces and weapons. For fans of MMA, the following is a selection […]

Best MMA Knockouts of June 2018

MMA is not for the faint of heart. It is brutal and bloody. It is the male of the species. Rebel Voice believes that if we can get the inevitable violence off the streets and into the ring, then society would be the better for it. Why fight against the biological programming that men have, […]

Kill Bill Vol. 1 – Bride Versus The Crazy 88

This is a typical over-the-top martial arts fight scene in the best tradition of the genre. There is gore and blood galore as the wronged Bride gets her revenge on those responsible. First, however, she cuts through the criminal warriors known as the Crazy 88 (there’s 88 of them!). – If you enjoyed this, please […]