Paddy Joe McGuigan – Irish Rebel, Songwriter And Performer

Lovers of Irish folk music, particularly rebel songs, will be familiar with tunes such as The Men Behind The Wire and The Boys Of The Old Brigade. But how many will know who wrote them? It’s a sad fact that too often those who take the time to pen such great ballads are often overlooked. […]

Irish Rebels – Irish Soldier Laddie (Irish Rebel)

Here’s a rousing Republican ballad to set you up for your day. This well known song was written by a Belfast man by the name of Paddy ‘Paddy Joe’ McGuigan, who was a member of the popular Republican folk group, Barleycorn.¬† Paddy Joe died in 2014. He left behind many fine songs and they form […]

The Pogues – Streets Of Sorrow / Birmingham Six

This author remembers going to see The Pogues play in Belfast when this song first became public knowledge. It was banned by the British government in a blatant act of censorship. The British Surplass were determined to silence any mention of the injustice meted out to the various Irish people who were wrongly imprisoned in […]

Bobby Sands – McIllhatton

This rousing song was written by Bobby Sands, one of the greatest ever to have lain down his life for Ireland. Rebel Voice wonders just how much Ireland has lost out on with the passing of Sands. He wasn’t just a brave revolutionary, he was also a fine poet and song writer. Our nation lost […]