Only the Present – Poem By Resident Poet, A.D.

Here is a light bit of verse from our resident poet. It expresses sentiment that most of us can understand. The niggling thought that perhaps we could have done things differently. Only the Present Springs a wish upon a thought, The past still yet to come, Held loosely in a drifting clasp Of hedonistic fun; […]

Thomas Davis Poem – My Land

Thomas Davis was an Irish Republican of the 19th century. He is widely regarded as the Bard of Republicanism. My Land She is a rich and rare land; Oh! she’s a fresh and fair land; She is a dear and rare land This native land of mine. No men than her’s are braver- Her women’s […]

The Stolen Child

This is one of Rebel Voice’s favourite poems. Although W.B. Yeats was an obnoxious arsehole by all accounts, he could still pen some beautiful verse. This is but one of them. Anyone who has travelled through the beautiful Irish county of Sligo will be aware of the scenery of which Yeats writes. The headline picture […]