Padraic Colum – Irish Rebel Poet

Padraic Colum (Columb) was born on 8th December, 1881, in a Longford workhouse where his father was employed. He was the eldest of seven siblings and when his father moved to the USA in 1889, having lost his job, to take part in the Colorado Gold Rush, Padraic and his family remained in Ireland. His […]

Orange Logic (A Contradiction In Terms)

Here we have Orange Logic, which is something similar to that which is used by a dopey dog as it spins around and around chasing its own tail, before sitting down and violently licking its own balls.

Gaels on the Summit

On Saturday 18th February, the Irish Gaelic language group, ‘Dream Dearg’ (Red Crowd, red as in angry) organized a demonstration in Newry calling for an Irish Language Act, designed to ensure respect for the native Irish tongue, as well as facilitating those who wish to conduct their day-to-day business through the medium of Gaelic. The […]