The Great O’Neill – Biography Of Irish Gaelic Chieftain

The Great O’Neill by Seán Ó Faolain Aedh Ruadh Ó Néill, or as he was better known in English, Red Hugh O Neill, was the last of the mighty chieftains who ruled Gaelic Ireland from the earliest times. These powerful aristocrats devised a precarious system of rule on the Emerald Isle that lasted for well […]

Thomas Davis Poem For Eoghan Rua O’Neill

Lament For The Death Of Eoghan Ruadh O’Neill ‘Did they dare, did they dare, to slay Eoghan Ruadh O’Neill? ‘ ‘Yes, they slew with poison him they feared to meet with steel.’ ‘May God wither up their hearts! May their blood cease to flow! May they walk in living death, who poisoned Eoghan Ruadh! ‘ […]