Christy Moore – The Reel In The Flickering Light (Irish Folk)

Here’s a popular song from the sweatiest troubadour in Kildare. Christy Moore has been performing for a very long time. He has been in various bands, from Planxty to Moving Hearts to The Bothy Band. He has also carved out a successful career as a solo performer, and more recently has toured with the virtuoso […]

Irish Rebels – Irish Soldier Laddie (Irish Rebel)

Here’s a rousing Republican ballad to set you up for your day. This well known song was written by a Belfast man by the name of Paddy ‘Paddy Joe’ McGuigan, who was a member of the popular Republican folk group, Barleycorn.  Paddy Joe died in 2014. He left behind many fine songs and they form […]

Connolly Was There – Dick Gaughan

This is a strong performance by the Glaswegian giant of folk music in the Celtic Isles. It is prefaced by a short intro to James Connolly, the Irish-Scottish socialist who was executed by British Army firing squad as he was tied to a chair due to his injuries. The Glasgow accent of Gaughan is great […]

Jeff Beck – Women Of Ireland

Jeff Beck is a blues legend and for a very good reason, he can fecking play. In this video we can hear him perform a rendition of the Irish folk ballad, Women Of Ireland, in Madison Square Garden, NYC in 2013. It’s instrumental only on this one. The song Women of Ireland or “Mná na hÉireann” is […]

Irish Folklore – The Wild Colonial Boy

The Wild Colonial Boy is an Irish-Australian ballad that recounts the exploits of an Irish emigre to Oz (or the son of Irish emigres) who got into all sorts of bother as he resisted the colonial authorities. In the original poem, his name was John (Jack) Donohoe (Donohue), said by some to have been a […]

Carly Simon – Danny Boy

This has to be one of the most powerful renditions of the classic Irish ballad. This melody was taken from an old Gaelic air and had lyrics put to it by the English song-writer, Frederick Weatherly.

Luke Kelly – Kelly the Boy from Killane

John Kelly (Kelly of Killanne) (died c. 25 June 1798) lived in the town of Killane in the parish of Rathnure and was a United Irishman leader who fought in the Rising of 1798. While Kelly was obviously well known to rebel and loyalist alike during the short duration of the Wexford rebellion, almost nothing is […]