Daughter Of Eden – Chris Beckett

Daughter Of EdenĀ  by Chris Beckett This is book 3 in the renowned Sci-Fi trilogy by the English author, Chris Beckett, and was first published in 2016. Rebel Voice has already reviewed the first instalment, Dark Eden, but sadly didn’t get a chance to enjoy book 2, Mother of Eden, yet. However, Daughter of Eden […]

Hawking Speaks On The Danger Humanity Faces

As the world laments the passing of the eminent physicist, Stephen Hawking, we can remind ourselves of how he viewed the world and the immediate dangers faced by our species. Hawking was a man of great intelligence and compassion. His words should carry weight. Sadly, those who control our planet are those who are deaf […]

Paying Lip Service to Decency

Paying Lip Service to Decency Superficial democracy, Specious freedoms, Packaged in materialism And wrapped in choking ribbons Of accumulating debt; Presented to a gullible populace Blinded by sinister concessions To the worst excesses Of the Human Condition. A.D.