Leverage In Death – J.D. Robb Thriller

Leverage In Death by J.D Robb Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a favourite with Rebel Voice. If there was a crime at this site then we would call upon the feisty, kick-ass New York detective. OK, she is living in 2067, so hasn’t yet been born, but why allow such trivial matters to spoil a beautiful […]

Dark In Death – J.D. Robb Thriller

Dark In Death by J.D. Robb The work never ends for Lieutenant Eve Dallas of the New York homicide squad in the year 2061. Although Eve has all she could ever need in terms of wealth and love – being married to Irish billionaire, Roarke – she is still an extremely driven person. Eve’s childhood […]

Suicide Club – Rachel Heng novel

Suicide Club by Rachel Heng It’s New York sometime in the future but it’s not a future that we’d recognize, at least not most of us. Society has evolved into an obsessive embrace of health and beauty. Children are genetically tested and marked after birth. They are sub-100 or above. Those with the higher results […]

Venus Or Mars – Colony Of Choice?

So which would you chose to live on, Venus or Mars? Suppose it depends upon whether you’re male or female, as we all know that men come from Mars and women from Venus, or is it the other way around in this enlightened age of gender-ambiguity? If you enjoyed this, please share

Top 10 Fictional Space Stations

Space: the final frontier (in the world of real estate). There’s just so much of it that anyone can afford a piece if you can only get to it. Here are some places to stay on your journey there.

Science Fiction Versus Science Fact

There are many academics, including Einstein, who held the opinion that imagination is the motor that drives invention, although necessity may be the fuel that powers that motor. Therefore, science fiction, which is a sector that relies wholly upon imagination, and as such can be seen to be a driver for invention, is the precursor […]

Echoes In Death

Echoes in Death  by J.D. Robb J.D. Robb, aka Nora Roberts, has done it again. What? (I hear you cry out) Well, penned a great novel, I quickly reply. Echoes in Death is yet another solid addition to the Lieutenant Eve Dallas series and is number 44 (published 2017) in a growing list. Eve Dallas […]