Free Staters And Anti-Republican Pogroms

Ireland has long had a sad history of citizens who aspire to be English or, at the very least, try to be accepted by the English Establishment as pets and lackeys. British colonialism has left a strong imprint upon the psyche of the Irish people. Republicans are aware of the toxic nature of the colonial […]

Venezuela Leaving Right-wing OAS Control Behind

The following article from the Latin American media centre, teleSur, is very informative regarding the recent right-wing violence in Venezuela, and the subsequent decision by the socialist government of Venezuela to leave the Organisation of American States (OAS). The OAS is controlled by the US, and favours right-wing governments of the Americas, at the expense […]

GAA in Moral State of Decline

Much commentary upon the GAA has, of late, focused upon the unfortunate approach of many players and supporters towards the more unsavoury incidents that occur during and after games. Incidents such as diving, off-the-ball-blocks, sledging and petulant excuse-making have garnered headlines and provided opportunity for complaint. However, they could also provide an opportunity for reflection. […]