The Midnight Line – Lee Child Thriller

The Midnight Line by Lee Child Jack Reacher is back on Rebel Voice, and this time he’s caught up in a strange mystery that involves a disappeared soldier, a launderette and a pawn-shop ring. Trust Reacher to find the most troublesome part of the USA. The following review contains some spoilers. As Reacher is walking […]

UDA Crime Boss Jim Gray – Who Killed Him?

Rebel Voice is unsure if anyone really cares who killed a member of a drug gang that specialized in sectarian murder. But Jim Gray and his associates in the UDA played a role in a conflict that cost the lives of many Nationalist civilians. They also preyed upon their own community as their drugs and […]

Dodgers – Novel By Bill Beverly

Dodgers by Bill Beverly This impressive novel has been lauded and applauded by many commentators, including The Financial Times, The Guardian and The Irish Times to name but a few. The praise is strong and well deserved. Dodgers is a very fine read indeed. East is a 15-year-old black gang member from Compton in LA. […]

Ecuador Attacks By Unknowns – US Troops To Regain Access To Country?

This is more on the terrorism taking place on the Ecuadorian and Colombian border. Those responsible for the attacks are not yet known. But certain vested interests are calling for a return of US troops to the region. Could it be that the supposed narco-terrorism is merely a pretext for greater involvement of US military […]

Back Of Beyond

Back of Beyond   by C.J. Box Rebel Voice has reviewed a number of C.J. Box’s novels in the Joe Pickett series and found them all of a high standard. Back of Beyond is not of the same story-line nor level of writing. Detective Cody Hoyt is an alcoholic (is there any other type of cop?) […]

Rain Gods – James Lee Burke Book Review

Rain Gods  by James Lee Burke In his afterword to this book, James Lee Burke states, ‘I think this is my best novel…’ Strong words indeed from an author who has a back-catalogue that is the envy of writers everywhere. Published in 2009, Rain Gods centres upon the aged figure of Hackberry Holland, a sheriff […]