Ebola Fighting To Become Global Pandemic

Ebola is a terrible disease. It spreads easily and shows little mercy to its victims. After outbreaks in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia between 2013 and 2016, in which more than 11,000 people lost their lives, there has been another spate of cases in the Congo, a country that had previously suffered the same. Ebola […]

Top 10 Movie Disease Outbreaks

Is it on the way? Are we due a major pandemic that will threaten and perhaps destroy humanity? Hollywood seems to think so. There are a multitude of movies that deal with the subject of mass outbreaks of disease. The symptoms include everything from vampires to zombies. It’s almost as if the entertainment industry desires […]

A Battle in Your Mind

A Battle in Your Mind   A future hangs upon a thread, suspended by a clean white bed that serves as platter for to feed uncertainty in time or deed. Sterile smiles bounce off walls as footfalls trudge in spotless halls where dreary thoughts loom large and lurk by trolleys, for the reaper’s work.   […]