Bad Santa – Boxing Ring Scene

Bad Santa has to be one of the best Christmas movies of them all. This scene is so inappropriate that it might make you wet yourself, just a little. Enjoyed this? Why not share?

Elf – You Sit On A Throne Of lies (Classic Scene)

This is one of the most quoted clips from the popular Christmas movie, Elf. In this scene, Will Ferrell’s elf discovers an impostor sitting on a seat pretending to be Santa. The Elf is not impressed. Ferrell’s face, and acting skills, have made this movie into a Christmas classic. Enjoyed this? Why not share?

Christmas Songs, And Images From The Holy Land Of Palestine

These videos and images are Christmas presents from Rebel Voice to all our faithful followers. Hope it’s a good one for you all, and please spare a thought for the beleaguered people of the Holy Land, that beautiful and storied place also known as Palestine (from the River to the Sea…). Merry Christmas and Happy […]