From The Heights Of Maccho Picchu – Pablo Neruda Poem

Here is beautiful piece of verse from the Nobel Prize winning Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, who was killed on the orders of the fascist, General Pincohet, who opposed Neruda‘s socialist values and humanitarian views. Maccho Picchu is an Inca city built high in the Andes. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From The Heights Of Maccho Picchu Rise up […]

Inca Origins Investigated Via DNA

The Inca’s were a powerful civilization that dominated the western part of the South American continent prior to the disastrous arrival of European colonials. Many legends surround the origins of this incredible society. In this article, scientists have looked at the DNA of indigenous peoples to determine where the Inca’s came from. The results are […]

Nazi Paedophile Sect In Chile

In this brief report from Russia Today, we learn about how a German community of Nazi criminals set up a self-governing area in Chile under the rule of the fascist dictator, General Pinochet. It is shocking that Nazi war criminals were allowed to live so openly anywhere in the world, but for them to compound […]

How To Kill A Revolution

What follows is the game-plan for the overthrow of the government of Venezuela. The neo-cons of the US are nothing if not predictable. They will execute this tried and tested tactic. It is up to the world, including the conscientious citizens of the United States, to see that they fail.