The Lost World – Michael Crichton Sequel To Jurassic Park

The Lost World by Michael Crichton Fans of this dinosaur franchise may feel that there is no point in reading a book when they have already watched the movie. That would be a mistake. The book has only a superficial resemblance to the movie, or should that be the other way around as the book […]

Heaven’s Prisoners

Heaven’s Prisoners¬† ¬†by James Lee Burke Regular readers of these book reviews would be forgiven for thinking that Rebel Voice is the love-child of James Lee, such is the proliferation of his novels and the strong praise for them. I would like to assure all readers that this site has no connections to the US […]

China And US To Fight Over Canal

The topic covered in the news article following, namely the Panama Canal, highlights an issue that is demonstrative of a greater global trend. As China continues to grow in strength, both economically and militarily, it becomes an evermore real threat to US global hegemony. The US currently controls the Panama Canal, yet China is a […]