The Celts – BBC Series – Episode 5

In this thrilling instalment about the mythical Celts, we take a look at later Celtic culture and life. We see how the Celtic Christian Churches wielded immense influence across Europe in face of raids from the savage Vikings. The story of the Celts was recorded in ancient manuscripts by the holy men of the Celtic […]

The Celts – BBC Series – Episode 3 – Religion And Magic

Although the Celtic people were at the height of their importance almost 2000 years ago, they have not gone away. Today, ancient rituals are enacted across lands that still claim some Celtic ancestry. Across the Celtic Isles of Ireland and Britain, festivals are celebrated that remember the strongly pagan roots of the people there. The […]

The Celts – BBC Series – Episode 1

This is the first in a six part series exploring the ancient Celts of Europe. Although the story of the Celts is still being written, the information discovered so far is of great interest, especially to those of us who are said to be from traditionally Celtic regions. This series was produced by the BBC […]

Celts – 10 Fascinating Facts

This is a light look at the Celts of Europe. The story surrounding these ancient peoples is still being discovered. In Ireland, for example, it is now thought that the Celts made little impact in the DNA of the resident people there. Like English, the Celtic family of languages seemed to spread where the Celts […]

Celtic Creatures Of Fear

This ornamented list of Celtic paranormal creatures is one explanation of why North Americans see us the way they do. Tourists from the US often expect to trip over a leprechaun every day here, whilst running from the Dullahan and hearing the Banshee outside the whitewashed stone cottage with the thatched roof (no doubt after […]

Hate the Uniform, Not the Man

Recently, I had cause to recall an incident from my youth (not today or yesterday) when I encountered a member of the British Army who was stationed at that time in my home region of the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) of Ireland. It was a summer weekend and I was in Cookstown, a small, politically-mixed […]

The Celtic Isles

I constantly read and hear the term ‘The British Isles’ employed to describe the islands of both Ireland and Britain. This is a colonial misnomer. Ireland is not, never was and never will be British regardless of the wizened wishes of a discontented minority upon the island of Ireland. Of the six nations within these […]