The future’s not Orange

Recurring events within the Irish Occupied Six Counties (OSC) have, for me, served to prompt comparisons between the actions of authority figures within the education sector of said OSC, and those to be found in a similar position elsewhere in the world. One such example, which leaps immediately to mind, is that of the conduct […]

Stalinist Catholicism – Comfortable Bedfellows Doomed To Failure?

Much debate centres upon the place of religion, particularly Catholicism, within modern Irish society. Claims and counter-claims are bandied about. Allow Rebel Voice to add to this heady Irish stew. There are striking similarities between Christianity, as countenanced by the Roman Catholic Church, and Communism as enacted within the former U.S.S.R. Both Christianity and Communism […]

Facilitating a Zionist agenda

The following letter was sent to the newspaper, The Irish News, the leading Nationalist publication in both the Occupied Six Counties and the northern half of Ireland, by a regular follower of Rebel Voice.. The paper has on occasion published reports with a decidedly pro-Israeli bent. It is also a fiercely Catholic paper. We, at […]