David Bowie – Starman (Glam Rock)

David Bowie was one-of-a-kind. His visionary music led multitudes of idealistic young men and women into the music industry. His fearless expression of emotion and lyrical endeavour raised the standard for how hits should be presented. Starman is a great example of just how revolutionary he was. This massive hit is quirky, poignant and catchy. […]

Pink Floyd – Money [Rock]

Here is a statement upon the obsession with money that currently exists within our species. It tells us that greed might pay, but it can never create a decent society. False idols abound and Pink Floyd are happy to point them out to us. Let us all instead worship at the alter of the great […]

Pink Floyd – Louder Than Words [Rock]

This is worth taking the time over, if only for the enjoyment of seeing this fantastic video. Pink Floyd are as profound a musical act as there ever was. Perhaps that’s why Roger Waters is such a strong supporter of Palestine, and why Israel fear him so much. If you enjoyed this, please share

Pink Floyd – Time [Rock]

Here is the sublime Time, one of Pink Floyd‘s best known tracks. This is so good that readers should immediately cancel all appointments, sit down and take off those tight trousers that cut into your chubby belly, stretch out and relax in your underwear with the volume turned up as high as you can stand […]

Pink Floyd – Hey You [Rock]

This is a sublime track from one of the greatest rock bands of all time. So relax, take off your chaffing underwear, pull off your socks, ignore the dog that just fainted, and enjoy this little piece of genius. If you enjoyed this, please share

The Who – Baba O’Riley [Rock]

Here is a classic for your enjoyment. Although commonly known as Teenage Wasteland, the correct title is Baba O’Riley. Wonder who she was and how she feels about a global hit being named after her? If you enjoyed this, please share

The Thrill Of It All – Novel By Joseph O’Connor

The Thrill Of It AllĀ  by Joseph O’Connor Robbie Goulding is a Hiberno-English teenager in Luton, just outside London, with a normal longing for stardom. He has colourful parents, especially his Irish father, Jimmy, and an older brother with whom he maintains a healthy rivalry based on adoration. It’s when Robbie meets Fran Mulvey, a […]

Rolling Stones – Wild Horses

This is a beautiful track. Because of songs like this, I would have to say that the Stones just shade it over the Beatles, for me. Sometimes Rebels fall in love too. Enjoy.