The Beatles -Revolution

Damn, but the Fab Four are youthful in this video. The music has aged well even if the musicians haven’t. – If you care, give it a share –


Book Review Gilliamesque   by Terry Gilliam This is an intriguing auto-biography by the only non-English member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Terry Gilliam started out as a cartoonist in the US. He was involved in political activism in the States at a time when the Vietnam war was developing. It was there that he […]

Paul McCartney – Give Ireland Back To The Irish

This song by McCartney is explicit in its message and was banned at the time of its release as being unsuitable for public broadcasting. The video comes complete with Spanish subtitles. Look for McCartney’s ‘Che’ appearance.   Below is an image of McCartney that I found online. I have to ask, where is Ant?

John Lennon – Working Class Hero

I am of the opinion that the lyrics of this song should be part of every school’s curriculum. The words are profound and true, unlike a lot of the shite that is pumped into the heads of the young across the globe. Lennon was a working class prophet.