Spiderman Cartoon Dub – Electra’s Revenge

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. Can he swing, from a green thing… and so on and so forth. Imagine how popular the masked webslinger must be with the ladies. He could undertaker any number of different sexual positions. He could even hang from the ceiling during fornication. That’s a thought. Is having sex with Spiderman regarded as bestiality? It’s probably legal in Texas (screwing cows is).

As enjoyable as the regular Spiderman is, the following cartoon has been dubbed in a more adult fashion. It portrays Spidey in a whole new light. The language is coarse and not for the easily offended. However, if you are prone to the use of the occasional burst of profanity, then you may get some amusement from the whole new Spiderman.

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