Tackling The White Blight

A drive into the Irish countryside should always be an enjoyable experience. Yet, if you were to take an elevated road to better view the sweep of land before you, it will inevitably be found that the picturesque scenery is ruined by the imposition that is the white building. In times gone by, cottages were […]

Honk Tonk Samurai

Honky Tonk Samurai  by Joe R. Lansdale Hap and Leonard are two of the most interesting characters in literature today. They are described on the book blurb thus: Hap, a former 60s activist and self-proclaimed white trash rebel, and Leonard, a tough black, gay Vietnam vet… How can you not want to know more? Honky […]

Clerical Predations

Clerical Predations   The sacerdotal plague that swept True innocence aside and laid waste To cushioned dreams Lurks close. Barely hidden. It feels its time will re-emerge When blackened hearts will give Pious Voice To Ornate Robes and Reeking Thoughts With Bloated Hands. When Darkened Souls should thence surge Forth in Gluttoned Feast To pat, […]


                          Surreality A restless night with sweat-soaked sheets, conjures images of blood-filled streets and pain. Cetaceans mourn for humanity as dogs howl at a blood-red moon, which all too soon becomes a ghastly, horrid, evil eye staring, as crap, garbage and trash is […]

Quo Vadis?

Quo Vadis? … the masochistic milk of human blindness that fuels low self-esteem that nourishes neglected youth when confidence slips sadly, silently between the cracks of childhood… … success becomes not even a tenuous dream but instead a foreign concept for citizens of comfortable stables; the rest, the wistful waifs destined to look on, unable […]

It was better before

               It was better before Ma says the wind’s coming, the bad wind. But I see nothing wrong. It’s very warm today. My best friend and his grubby little brother have gone. Their wrinkled Grandpa lives somewhere safe they said. Da is dead. The cough got him.   I […]