Paying Lip Service to Decency

Paying Lip Service to Decency Superficial democracy, Specious freedoms, Packaged in materialism And wrapped in choking ribbons Of accumulating debt; Presented to a gullible populace Blinded by sinister concessions To the worst excesses Of the Human Condition. A.D.

Capitalist War on Socialist Islam

In our world today, we can see an increase in the levels of Islamophobic sentiment among regular people who now appear to see all Muslim citizens as possible ‘terrorists’. Whether it be in the US or the UK, France or Australia, those who practice the Islamic faith are coming under attack from those who are […]

Dun Day

Dun Day   I sat upon an Autumn day, where brown envelops green and thought on clouds, both white and grey that reflected then my dreams. But answers, still elusive, swayed in secret through my mind, with hollow sound in echoes played to cast a beat behind.   So stranded then, in mottled glar ‘neath […]

Time’s Insidious Dreams

Time’s Insidious Dreams   Tick…tock… Bump… bump… I touch the walls to feel them stretch and give. I sense the muffled sounds, the rhythmic thump, thump, around, all around. Here I am. Now I am…able…to hear.   Tick…tock… To sway. To stumble. To fall. Not far. Tenaciously tearing at cushions. Calling for more. Shouting no. […]

On Ireland

Despair ye who dare, for the subjugated majority who have lost their national self-respect, who would yet grovel to feed and fuel the low self-esteem of the Irish people. …yet a flame of patriotism burns fiercely, a torch carried doggedly by the few who know; the few with the confidence of an unbeaten minority; the […]

Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster (Punk)

This punk offering from Belfast band SLF encapsulates the anger of the young of the Occupied Six Counties at the circumstances foisted upon them. The lyrics may not suit everyone there, but there’s no denying the energy in their delivery. Note: Stiff Little Fingers were referenced in the John Cusack film, High Fidelity, also starring […]